We are a creative community that fosters ingenuity and design by offering temporary or permanent work space as well as ongoing lectures and events by leaders in the design and innovation industries. We offer rates that people can afford, a network to exchange knowledge and barter skills, and hard-to-reach support systems like healthcare, business planning and legal services, a small in-house supplies store, and yes, free coffee.


Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are missing the structure and support that fosters creative development and business expansion. Though they have skills that people want and are supporting themselves financially, they’re often working in isolation and without the advantages or structure of a larger company.

We bring creatives out of isolation and into an accomplished network of artists, designers and innovators who are thriving financially.


Supporting Local Economies

The Station is interested in crafting unique and tailored products to provide for our community, and we have a unique commitment to:

  • Creating partnerships with local businesses who are looking to build connections with a young design audience.
  • Offer discounts, benefits, and opportunities to our members through partnerships and sponsors
  • Continue developing relationships with Toronto’s arts and educational institutions.


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